Umbrosa puts people first

Umbrosa is not only concerned with designing the most beautiful parasols, but also with the physical and mental health of its employees who design, produce and sell these most beautiful parasols every day. We put the needs and interests of our people first. After all, they are the most important key stone in writing Umbrosa's success story. 


What exactly does Umbrosa do and why is it so great to work at Umbrosa?  

To start with, there is the monthly meeting: everyone is there, sandwiches are served and we all have lunch together. During the meeting, each department has its say: we evaluate the past month and present the focus of the coming month. This way, everyone is aware of what’s going on within Umbrosa, and not just within their own department. 

Besides the communication at the monthly meeting, we also have WhatsApp groups: a general group and a group per department. Here, too, direct and open communication is key. 

We highly value everyone’s birthday. Therefore, a birthday calendar with photos of our Umbrosa family members is put up in the coffee room, and we celebrate every birthday.  

Besides that, the Umbrosa Party Committee serves fresh soup on an almost daily basis, and in summer you can cool off with a nice ice cream! 

The Umbrosa Party Committee is all about TOGETHERNESS. Umbrosa has a 'suggestion box' where anyone can post a funny or crazy idea. A lot of different themes come up: unique activities (not only our collections, but also our people and their ideas are unique


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