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6 april 2020 

Umbrosa produces face masks!

Our Umbrosa confection team started yesterday with the production of face masks.


23 march 2020 

Umbrosa is still there for you!

Spring started last Saturday… no doubt that we will all keep on remembering the spring of 2020.   

Spectra UX cantilever umbrella Nature, 300x380 leaf shaped, Sunbrella Lin

18 december 2019 

IMM 2020 ǀ Umbrosa introduces SPECTRA UX

IMM takes place in Cologna from 12/01/2020 until 19/01/2020.

Garden Umbrella Infina, 3M, black

11 february 2019 

Center pole umbrella Infina on top of the mountains

Feel like having lunch with an incredible view? In restaurant Pic du Midi you can enjoy the panoramic view in the shade of our Infina umbrellas.


Garden parasol Infina, square, 3m

11 february 2019 

Infina in trendy DUSK

DUSK is a trendy brownish black colour that perfectly fits the dark furniture of most of the leading outdoor brands. For Spectra and Ingenua BLACK is replaced by DUSK and for Infina the lacquered frame and base in DUSK will be part of the standard range, next to the ALU-version.

Spectra cantilever umbrella Hip Estates

15 april 2019 

You want to protect your skin from the Spanish sun?

We all need vitamine D and the sun is our best source. We have to be aware though that too much is never good: too much sun is harmful for our skin.

Cantilever umbrella Spectra & Icarus design umbrella at 7Secret hotel

20 february 2018 

Project movie to be proud of!

Project movie to be proud of! A must watch!

Don’t miss the wonderful introduction movie of the 7Secrets Resort in Lombok, Indonesia!

7Secrets movie


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