Are you an architect, a designer or are you working on a nice project? Here is where you can find all information to make your design original, personal and one of a kind! You can play with size, colour of fabric, colour of pole, base,… anything to make sure the umbrellas fit the rest of the outdoor furniture and atmosphere or even comply with the interior. All products from our ‘standard collection’ are available per piece. All other product variations have minimum order quantities. Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Spectra cantilever parasol - KAH Marbella - square 2.5x2.5 m

Standard Collection

Our standard collection consists of 7 different collections and the magnetic Etna outdoor light. These umbrellas, shade sails or cabanas can be ordered per piece.

Umbrosa parasols Interieur17


Apart from the standard collection, Umbrosa also offers a wide variety of products as far as shape, size, finish and shade surface is concerned. Umbrosa offers these options for 2 collections: Spectra and Nauta. Have a look at the options and let the original concepts inspire you! Need advice? We would love to help you.

Eclipsum offset umbrella - LUX Resort Maldives - colour pepper - 3m

World of colour

Colour is the new black!

An umbrella does no longer need to be white, black or aluminum colour.

Spectra Universiteit Santiago chile7


Umbrosa wants to make things easy for you. That is why we provide all necessary tools to easily integrate our umbrellas and shade sails in your design. Here’s the link to all 2D and 3D drawings (revit, sketchup,…) that can be used on scale. You need more details on sizes, weights and materials; please check out our spec sheets.


Need advice for your project?

Your plan is ready and you want us to review it? Sure! Send us you plan indicating the direction of the sun and we offer you our free professional advice. In that way, you can be sure you can enjoy the sun and the shade without any worry. Umbrosa even goes a step futher. For bigger projects, we can inspire you and make the plan for you. Contact us for more information.


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