Apart from the standard collection, Umbrosa also offers a wide variety of products as far as shape, size, finish and shade surface is concerned. Umbrosa offers these options for 2 collections: Spectra and Nauta. Have a look at the options and let the original concepts inspire you! Need advice? We would love to help you.

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Cantilever umbrella Spectra in color Alba


The extended Spectra collection shows an unprecedented creativity. Umbrosa can modify the shape of the canopies aswell as print on the canopies The project market always tries to meet the present-day trends in which originality, innovation and standing out are highly valued. Umbrosa is your ideal partner. Have a look at the overview of our options and let your creativity prevail.
Nauta Cabanaconcept at the Seychelles


Do you want to find out what the multiple options are for the modular Nauta cabana concept? This overview shows you how to integrate the Nauta in your project. Anything is possible. You can personalize and re-model the cabana to create a private outdoor room where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Explore the different options!
Infina specials

Infina Beach&Pool concepts

The beach and pool Infina is a smaller, lighter, stronger and more compact version of the classic Infina.
Thanks to the smaller canopy the beach and pool Infina gives you more options for personalisation.

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