The company, with headquarters in Belgium, offers a thoughtful collection of classy and flexible shade solutions: Paraflex, Ingenua, Icarus, Spectra, Infina and UX collection. Each of them ensures protection from the sun in an easy and stylish way. 


The shade solutions by Umbrosa are a clear statement by both elegance and understated simplicity, and that in combination with a never seen way of ergonomics that puts 'easy to use' to a higher dimension.


Umbrosa chooses very consciously to work with the best international designers and to produce exclusively in Belgium. All parts are made of durable anodized aluminium, UV-resistant materials, and fabrics in the very best quality. All of this ensures long lasting shade, year after year.


Our umbrella collections are exported to 95 countries and are used around the world on the most beautiful terraces and to the most famous hotel groups. 


Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: trees and plants provide shade in a unique way, not only for them but also for their habitat. Umbrosa relies on the ingenious aspect of nature for the development of polyvalent and innovative shade creations, distinguished in many ways from the classic parasol.


Umbrosa is the specialist in state-of-art umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications at an affordable price. The team of designers pays special attention to the unique character of nature and the daring creativity of each design.


Umbrosa team

As a small scale organization, Umbrosa offers you the flexibility and personal service of a SME, while our numerous international references give the experience and charisma of a world player. You can count on the advice and guidance of one directly contact person. Our 40 -member team from Belgium, organizes the entire production process, from product development to commercialization - and is also responsible for the worldwide shipping of our products. All products from our different ranges - Paraflex, Ingenua, Icarus, Spectra, Infina and UX collection - are manufactured in Belgium. Umbrosa is your reliable partner and guarantees you affordable and sustainable luxury and Belgian quality.


Made in Belgium

All design, development and assembly is done in Belgium, this is for the both of us the best guarantee for quality and flexibility. Even long after the warranty period, we want to grant you a lifelong enjoyment of our products. Therefore we offer an extensive after sales service program. Not only you can order replacement canopies or frames, but you can also order each individual component of your umbrella.


Umbrosa Inc.

Yet another milestone for Umbrosa! Umbrosa will not only sell directly in the US but also deliver from a local warehouse. We will distribute from our warehouse in Baytown, TX. The US market offers great potential for Umbrosa.


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