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Infina UX Garden umbrella_Culture_Infina_LR, Sunbrella Blush, option small table

Umbrosa launches 2 new umbrellas!

Sleek & sober or playful & radiant?

The current circumstances have contributed to an even higher awareness of the importance of the garden, terrace, outdoor room, … the entire outdoor living space in home design.

Infina garden umbrella Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2,5x2,5m, canopy Natural

Infina project ǀ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Cool down under the Infina parasols at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo!

Garden Umbrella Infina, 3M, black

Center pole umbrella Infina on top of the mountains

Feel like having lunch with an incredible view? In restaurant Pic du Midi you can enjoy the panoramic view in the shade of our Infina umbrellas.


Infina and ICarus umbrella black Moio beach 1.jpg

Moio Beach Netherlands

Black design umbrellas on the beach...

Spectra cantilever umbrella Hip Estates

You want to protect your skin from the Spanish sun?

We all need vitamine D and the sun is our best source. We have to be aware though that too much is never good: too much sun is harmful for our skin.

Spectra Parasol Hiltoncom©Albo-2.jpg

Hilton Hotel - Lake Como

Hilton chooses for design umbrellas, even from the sky they look amazing

Spectra duo parasol Umbrosa boot greece 9.jpg

A boat story...

Umbrosa sailing on the Mediterranean Sea!


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