Shade and sun at Nikki Beach

Umbrosa, a brand synonymous with innovative and elegant outdoor shading solutions, has partnered with Nikki Beach Clubs to bring a touch of unparalleled sophistication to their iconic beachfront locations.

Spectra umbrella in white at Nikki Beach Dubai
The spectra umbrella of Umbrosa at the restaurant of Nikki Beach in Dubai
Spectra design umbrella provides shade at Nikki Beach, Dubai
Spectra umbrella at the beautiful Nikki Beach in Marbella
Flat square umbrellas at the beach club Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Clubs are renowned worldwide for their luxurious atmosphere, vibrant entertainment, and unparalleled beachside experiences. Among the many elements that contribute to the allure of Nikki Beach, the exquisite and stylish umbrellas stand out as iconic symbols of sophistication and glamour.


The Umbrosa umbrellas at Nikki Beach Clubs are a true embodiment of contemporary style and cutting-edge engineering. Renowned for their avant-garde designs, Umbrosa's creations not only provide shade but also serve as distinctive works of art that elevate the entire beach club experience.


Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, these umbrellas boast a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements the chic ambiance of Nikki Beach Clubs.


Nikki Beach projects

- Dubai

- Marbella

- Mallorca (in progress)

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