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Hilton Hotel - Lake Como

Hilton wählt Design-Sonnenschirme, und Unsere Sonnenschirme sehen eben von der Luft toll aus...

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Eine Bootsgeschichte ....

Umbrosa segelt auf dem Mittelmeer!

Spectra Design Sonnenschirm am Pool des Renaissance Hotel

Was für eine Aussicht!

Renaissance Hotel Dubaï

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Die Spectra folgt der Bewegung der Sonne

Unter der mexikanischen Sonne genießen?

Umbrosa Showroom

Vielfalt im der Innen- und Außengestaltung.

Interview mit Jessy Van Durme - Innenarchitektin, Stylistin

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Hot spot in den Malediven

Der Chill Bar ist einer der wichtigsten Orte im Resort mit einen sehr typischen Design. Das moderne jedoch funktionelle Design der INGENUA Kollektion verstärken unserem Konzept.


Brian Gardiner - General Manager

Spectra Sonneschirme am Pool von Eagles Villas

Eagles Villas

Interview with Fabienne Spahn - Archit

What is the most wonderful project you’ve already realized?


I have been working on Greek hotels renovations during the 8 past years, and of course I have lots of affective feelings for the first projects. Anyway the most wonderful project is for sure Eagles Villas* (open since April 2017) as it was a new hotel with a total conception of the interior and outdoor design.

I had worked for the owners of the hotel, Tor Hotel Group**, on renovations for their other hotels during the past years and we have build a very strong collaboration and friendship which helped a lot to achieve the project.



What is according to you the evolution of outdoor design?


I have the feeling that the metal furniture will continue its come back, softened with natural material like ropes, wood details, fabric and more organic shapes.

The white color is always a strong value despite some accessories from indoor claim their right to go outside like printed cushions, pots, lights.

Umbrellas and shade sails play more and more the game of a refine and pure design.



Who did you know about Umbrosa and why did you choose our umbrellas? Which aspects help you to choose umbrellas?


I have discovered Umbrosa when I was doing the scenography for Saint Tropez Côté Sud fair and I decided to use these fantastic products for the central outdoor lounge area.

I was very much impressed by the unic design and elegance. The materials quality looks amazing.

For Eagles Villas, I had to choose sunshades for the pool and the restaurant, I was looking for a nice grafic line around the pool, I wanted to keep some square shapes, so I have selected the Spectra model.

In continuation, I have selected the duo Spectra for the restaurant and a sail for the kid’s club.



Is shade important for you and your clients?


My clients are mainly hotels in Greece a country where the sun shines almost all year long and also sometimes very windy. That is why choosing the way to cover the spaces is essential.

All hotels present photos of their main pool with sunshades, it gives the mood, so the aesthetical is also very important.