Collection 2023

8 february 2023

Umbrosa is launching two new iconic UX models. UX stands for "Unique Experience" meaning that each parasol is a perfect combination of color, shape and materials, combined with ultimate ease of use and ergonomics.

Eclipsum UX Architecture LR
Icarus UX Sand LR

The Eclipsum UX is the most round parasol on the market! Probably even the only truly round parasol in the world. The outdoor trends for this year mainly play on the use of soft shapes and colors. Subtle play with round shapes and rounded corners can be found in contemporary architecture, where wood as a material is also often being integrated. The Eclipsum UX exists in two versions: Full Black and Architecture.


The Icarus UX Sand shines thanks to the combination of a Sand canopy with a Beige Limestone frame. The parasol base is finished with a wooden top plate made of durable Thermo Poplar. The soft, natural tones and materials ensure that this parasol fits modern residential homes as well as cozy retro styles.

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