IMM 2020 ǀ Umbrosa introduces SPECTRA UX

18 december 2019

IMM takes place in Cologna from 12/01/2020 until 19/01/2020.

Versa UX cantilever umbrella Architecture, dimensions 3 x 3m square, Subrella Marble, frame in Papyrus White
Versa UX cantilever umbrella Culture, 250x250, round corners, fabric in Sunbrella Blush
Versa UX cantilever umbrella Marine, 250x250 square, Natural White fabrics

Come and discover our newest umbrella collection on IMM! We would love to show you our Spectra UX collection,  an innovative collection expressing 4 different emotions inspired by architecture, nature, culture and water … 4 umbrellas that will not leave you untouched.


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