Versa UX cantilever umbrella©

The outdoor trends evolve towards a real outdoor life where spaces must be cosy, beautiful and functional at the same time. Furniture is chosen in function of the interior, the windows, the garden, the colours,... parasols have to fit in here as well. In this context, Umbrosa has developed the Versa UX collection. Three unique combinations, designed to go hand-in-hand with the contemporary garden and the timeless terrace.

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Residential project | Portugal
Residential project | Belgium
Chai Gourmand | Belgium
Residential project | Germany
Residential project | Belgium
Residential project | France


1. Architecture

The Architectural parasol is the most neutral, sleek model. The parasol is based on the recurring shades of grey of the various outdoor brands. This is the most sober model, but no less luxurious.  We played with the recurring design of square elements to find a perfect match with clean and modern environments. The focus here is on purifying: back to the essence! A very clear statement with as few different elements and materials as possible, only pure materials.  The trendy consumer with sense of detail and searching for perfection, will easily integrate this umbrella in his personal world.


Canopy                3 x 3 m

Base                    (B) 912 x (L) 912 x (H) 190 - Including wheel set


Versa UX Cantilever umbrella - architectural base

Base Versa UX Architecture

2. Full Black

The Versa UX Full Black is so much more than a black umbrella. The new version is based on the Versa UX Architecture and has the same functionalities. The Full Black not only matches well with black outdoor furniture and accessories, it also adds a modern touch to green environments with lots of wood and warm elements. The cantilever 3x3m umbrella can be subtle & discreet and at the same time shine in any outdoor environment!


Canopy                3 x 3 m

Base                    (B) 912 x (L) 912 x (H) 190 - Including wheel set


Versa UX_Full Black base

Base Versa UX Full Black

3. Sand

The third parasol in this collection is the VERSA UX SAND. This parasol is lacquered in beige limestone and glitters subtly in the sun. With its rounded corners, the Sand can be perfectly combined with all organic shapes in the garden or on the terrace. The top plate of the parasol base is finished with wooden planks to match the new outdoor trend for wood accents.


Canopy                3 x 3 m

Base                    (B) 912 x (L) 912 x (H) 190 - Including wheel set


Base Sepctra UX Sand

Base Versa UX Sand


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