Icarus UX cantilever umbrella©

Nature as a source of inspiration
The leaf-shaped Icarus UX umbrella is unique in all its aspects. The parasol stands out because of its shape, elegance and extreme wind resistance. Thanks to the built-in rotating mechanism, the parasol rotates 360° around its axis, allowing you to create shadow wherever you want. If you position the canopy vertically, you are completely sheltered from the wind. The design team has focused on sustainability and ultimate ease of use, with all parts being sourced locally. The height of the leaf can be easily adjusted and installation is extremely simple.

Icarus UX exists in 2 versions:

ICarus UX Sand

Icarus UX Full Black

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Residential project
Residential project | France


Umbrosa Design Team

The R&D team of Umbrosa develops new products and at the same time constantly seeks to improve the current collections. Sustainability is a verb for us that keeps us busy on a daily basis. Design trends are important, but timeless design is what we strive for at Umbrosa.


Umbrosa Design Team: Pieter Willemyns | Alien Schoenaers | Lennart Delporte | Tore Bleuzé

IMG20221003102546 2


1. Icarus UX Sand

° Design parasol 3m

° Canopy in Colorum Sand

° Frame in Limestone Beige

° Matching base with wood cover (Thermo Populier)


Base Sepctra UX Sand

Large UX Mobile Tile base Sand



2. Icarus UX Full Black

° Design parasol 3m

° Canopy in Colorum Black

° Frame in Black

° Matching base in Black


Large base black

Large Mobile Tile base Black





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