Umbrosa too is concerned with our planet!

Umbrosa is fully committed to being sustainable and does everything within its power to consume as little as possible! 

Very recently, we redesigned our parasol bases, in order to avoid having to ship tiles all over the world. As a result, our pallets weigh a lot less and we emit less CO2 during transport.  


We are also fully committed to reducing our waste. 

A recycling programme is being set up to reuse our fabric scraps. They can be reused for upholstering and stuffing car seats, making cushions, wallets, ... . We are also in close contact with designers in order to reuse our larger fabric scraps in the best possible way and for different projects. 

We are currently also starting up the "SECOHA" project: second hand products are reprocessed into a perfect product. That way, nothing is thrown away unnecessarily. 


During our product development process, we strongly emphasise on the cooperation with local dealers. Thanks to intensive co-designing, we manage to adapt parts to fit the production capabilities of local suppliers. For example, we redesigned the rotating mechanisms of our parasol bases to enable Belgian production. 


Finally, everyone who works at UMBROSA is also included in this story!  

For example, last summer we organised a cycling competition in which the employee who did the most kilometers and the one who came to work most often by bike won an Award as well as a keychain (made of fabric scraps


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