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Design to the top with Icarus

With its Icarus, Umbrosa kills two birds with one stone. Inspired by nature, we designed an umbrella that at the same time can be used as a windscreen. The Icarus embraces and protects. It creates the safe security of a cocoon, while you can enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest.

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Residential project | Greece
Residential project | Greece
Residential | Belgium
7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat | Lombok
Conrad Hotel | Koh Samui |Thailand
Residential, France



The Antwerp-based design triumvirate Bundl was established in 2008. In conjunction with the client, they sketch the outlines of their new products. This leads to new ideas that challenge every organization to grow further with radical and revolutionary products.

Bundle designer for Umbrosa



Colorum — by Sunbrella or Tuvatextil ǀ 100% Acryl 260g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash




Blue Storm







Solidum — 100% Acryl 250g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash






Mobile Tile Base
Icarus design umbrella 7secrets hotel
Icarus offset umbrella res LR

Icarus embraces and protects

Icarus, the design umbrella of Umbrosa, embraces and protects you. The big leaf is more than just a parasol. Inspired by nature, we designed a shadow maker who also serves as a windscreen at the same time. It creates the safe cocoon feeling, while you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather. The Icarus is a functional design object that surprises everyone by its ease of use and its sustainable character.


Umbrosa collaborates with internationally renowned designers. For the Icarus design parasol we have called on the Antwerp design agency Bundl.

The Icarus design parasol consists of an aluminum frame. The parasol canopy is available in 14 different colours, of which some are available within 2 working days. Check with your dealer for more information. Umbrosa always uses Sunbrella fabrics, which are durable, water-repellent and UV-resistant.


The Icarus design parasol is available in 1 size: 3x3 m. You can anchor the design parasol in the ground, by using a rotational base,  the parasol can then rotate 360° around its axis. You can also put the parasol on a mobile parasol base, so you can move the parasol from one terrace to another.


Umbrosa designs and produces parasols and shade sails in which the design and high quality are very important and highly valued. They are produced and marketed in Belgium, in our own production hall and warehouse in Roeselare.


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