Umbrosa INC is born!

9 may 2022

Yet another milestone for Umbrosa! Umbrosa INC is born! Umbrosa will not only sell directly in the US but also deliver from a local warehouse.

Spectra umbrella used for a project at the coast in Punta Mita, Mexico

We will distribute from our warehouse in Baytown, TX. The first container is on its way and will arrive mid May. The US market offers great potential for Umbrosa.

Umbrosa INC Headquarters
UMBROSA INC  - 530 7th Avenue, Suite 902 - New York, NY 10018 - Tel: (855) 285-6595
Mail –
Umbrosa INC Warehouse - CLT5, 1919 South FM 565 Road, TX 77523 BAYTOWN – Tel: (713) 689 9955

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