The Belgian Ambassador to America adds a touch of Belgium to his garden!

3 november 2023

The fact that an Umbrosa parasol should not be missing from the garden of the Belgian Ambassador in America is undeniable! We asked a few questions to the consul, discover his answers here!

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How important is it for you that Umbrosa is a Belgian brand?

In my capacity as the Ambassador of Belgium, it continually fills me with pride that high-quality Belgian products are an unmistakable part of the Belgian lifestyle, both for consumers and producers! I am proud to be able to place such products here in America!


How much importance do Americans attach to the 'Made in ...' label?

Some Americans have trouble locating Belgium. What's important here is that they do know it's in Europe, and that Europe stands for high quality! All Umbrosa products are lovingly made in Roeselare, resulting in the most beautiful parasols in the world!


How would you describe Umbrosa in three words?

  1. Quality
  2. Design
  3. Originality/Uniqueness

How did you come to know Umbrosa?

Thanks to my work, I often come into contact with Belgian companies that are internationally active, including Umbrosa. It's always a pleasure for me to meet them at various events, including trade shows!

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