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Nothing beats the versatility of the human body. As a result, for the Paraflex, we let ourselves be inspired by the manoeuvrability and strength of the human arm. A space-saving umbrella, without a base and without a pole, which offers you the possibility to create shade wherever you want it, by means of one, two or more umbrellas, according to your needs. The light and compact Paraflex offers maximum shade and is highly wind-resistant.

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Residential, Ibiza, Spain
Hard Rock Cafe, Tenerife, Spain
The Peninsula, Paris
Utoch Kino, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
Panos, Dubai , UAE
Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala, Latvia


Peter Leleu

In 1999, Peter Leleu invented the Paraflex as a solution for a problem that he was facing almost daily: umbrellas that caught the wind and flew off. A practical, hands-on design that has proven attractive for both the project sector and private individuals. Peter has since been made Sales Manager at Umbrosa.



The Paraflex collection consists of 4 models – 2 round models: 270 and 300cm and 2 square models: 190 and 230cm. The umbrellas can be wall mounted aswell as pole mounted, up to 5 umbrellas on 1 pole.

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Sunbrella — 100% Acryl 260g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash




Blue Storm







Solidum — 100% Acryl 250g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash






Mobile Tile Base


Wall mounted parasol Paraflex Hotel resort tofo mar South Africa, round 270
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Balcony parasol, wall umbrella or several parasols on one pole

The Paraflex collection consists of balcony umbrellas or wall umbrellas and also side hanging parasols on a pole. The balcony umbrellas are usually attached to the wall so there is no loss of space on the terrace. Umbrosa has two round models - size 2.7 m and 3 m and two square models - size 1.9 m and 2.3 m. The Paraflex balcony umbrella is very manoeuvrable so you can create shade throughout the day. The parasol arm is available in two versions, a classic arm and a more contemporary arm. For the larger models only the second type can be used (3 m and 2.7 m). The Paraflex balcony parasol can be perfectly used on smaller terraces and in city gardens.


You cannot fix the parasol to the wall? No problem, you can also attach the parasol to a pole. Depending on the number of umbrellas you want to install, you opt for a single pole or a multipole. On the multipole you can install up to 5 parasols. This is an ideal solution for restaurant terraces, clubs, beach bars, ... Have a look at our inspiration pages and discover all the advantages of our balcony umbrella.


The canopy of the balcony umbrella is available in 14 different Sunbrella fabrics. This way you can perfectly match your parasol to the garden furniture or the environment. Some of these colours are always on stock. Ask your dealer for more information.


The Paraflex parasols can be attached to the wall, on a pole in the ground or on a mobile umbrella base. Check here what the possibilities are. You can also read all the technical details and finishes of the Paraflex parasols on our technical data sheet. Paraflex is designed by Peter Leleu and is produced in Belgium.


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