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Umbrosa offers all types of fixations for the umbrellas. You can choose a Paraflex wallmounted system, a mobile base or a permanent solution. Depending on the Umbrosa collection, the surroundings and your personal preference, you can choose a permanent or flexible solution. All collections can be permanently installed by means of a round support or an inground anchorage. Detailed information on all options can be found on our spec sheet. You prefer a mobile solutions? Please find all options below.

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Boury, Rumbeke, Belgium
Residential, Aruba
Residential, Ibiza
Residential, Belgium B
Residential Belgium
Residential, Belgium


The Umbrosa collection offers 4 different types of bases. Wheels are optional for the tile base, Infina base and granite base. In the overview below you can see what type of base is the best fit for your Umbrosa umbrella. Dimensions and weights can be found on the spec sheets.


  1. Mobile tile base (ALU / DUSK / WHITE)
  2. Mobile Infina base (ALU Natural / DUSK)
  3. Granite base

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Overview bases | Cantilever umbrellas

Tegelvoet met wielen.jpg
Tile base high.jpg
Tegelvoet met stabilizatoren.jpg






DUO / OPP(2,5m)

Overview bases | Center post umbrellas

Granite base 80 kg tek.jpg
INFINA Round 300

INFINA Square 300

INFINA Square 250

Cantilever umbrella Spectra on mobile concrete base
Garden parasol Infina, square, 3m

Which parasol base fits my parasol?

There are several options to install your parasol. First and foremost you have to find out where the South is and where you need most shade. You also decide whether you want a mobile parasol base or a permanent base. The fixed baes by means of a concrete anchorage in the ground has the advantage that your parasol is very firmly anchored and less subject to wind gusts. The big disadvantage of a fixed anchored parasol is that you can only provide that spot (and usually 360 ° around it) with shade.


If you have several places where you want to create shade with the same parasol, then you should choose one of the Umbrosa mobile parasol bases. Umbrosa has a mobile concrete base, a mobile tile base, a mobile granite parasol base and a mobile Infina base. The Infina parasol base is best used with the Infina collection. The Infina base is available with and without wheels. The concrete base and mobile tile base can be used for the Paraflex, Spectra, Eclipsum and Icarus collections. Check our technical data sheets to find out which parasol base you use best for your chosen parasol(s).


Know that for smaller terraces and gardens you can fix our wall parasol Paraflex on the wall. That way you save space! You can also fix the Ingenua sails to the wall. More information can be found on the respective pages on our website.


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