Collaboration with Piet Boon

5 october 2017

A boon to be sure

In collaboration with Piet Boon, internationally renowned furniture and interior designer from the Netherlands, Umbrosa developed a timeless umbrella.

His design philosophy ‘refined sophistication’ has now been translated into outdoor shade design.


Piet Boon is known for its design philosophy called 'smart sophistication', also to be found in the umbrella. The umbrella has curved edges, also defined as 'kekke'. The unique shape makes the umbrella stylish and elegant. The combination of wood and glass fiber ensures the high quality finish.


- The umbrella has the unique Piet Boon 'Kekke' shape. 
- It closes telescopically, which enables you to close it over a table. This telescopic system makes it very easy to open the umbrella. 
- The combination of a wooden structure with fiberglass ribs makes the umbrella both clean and strong.

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