Diversity in interior and exterior

Interview with Jesse Van Durme – interior designer, stylist

Umbrosa Showroom HR
Umbrosa showroom detail HR

What inspired you when decorating the Umbrosa showroom?

It was important to me to create a sober yet contemporary setting for your products. I devided the available space in a ‘presentation zone’ and a ‘discussion zone’. The first one is very bright and creates the outdoor feeling. The other zone is lower and reflects a more ‘cosy’ feeling. The different levels of the ceiling and flooring are quite defining here. The diversity of the interior is visible in the different textures of the materials that are used (wooden walls, textile, stained wood, staves in the front part and the large logo wall). In general, I am mostly inspired by the journeys I make, but also by the art of painting, photography and nature.


Which one of our umbrella’s is your personal favourite and why?

The Ingenua sails: this product stands our by its simplicity which makes it a perfect tool for use in different contexts. The sails can create a really ‘bohemian’ atmosphere when used with the right cushions and carpets, or even a combination of 2 or 3 sails. On the other hand, they perfectly fit a very modern and contemporary setting without attracting too much attention: ‘less is more’.


Would you consider this a succesfull project?

It’s always nice to see a project turn from paper into reality. I am very happy with the different levels in the terraces and the suggestion of materials that relate to the ‘outdoor experience’. Another nice aspect is the fact that we integrated a number of custom made pieces of furniture. I am a true fan of the big table and the pink chair J.


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