Poolside umbrellas? Umbrosa proof!

Did you know Umbrosa umbrellas and shade sails installed by a pool do not loose any of their beauty? frames are made of polished seaworthy stainless steel (A4 or SS316), hot dip galvanized steel or aluminum. We are most happy to explain the advantages.

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Polished seaworthy stainless steel

There are different kinds of stainless steel. Umbrosa consciously chooses the A4 (or SS316) type because, as opposed to the most commonly used stainless steel A2 (or SS304) type, this one is resistant to chlorine (pool and tab water), acid rain and salt water. The process of polishing makes the material less susceptable to dirt. We advise regular maintenance to avoid surface corrosion.


Hot dip galvanized steel

Hot dip galvanizing (not to be confused with cold dip galvanizing) is the best procedure to protect steel from red corrosion. It is a very sustainable procedure. The metal is dipped into a bath with sink to create a protective layer. This layer will prevent small damages. More serious damage can easily be treated with sink spray, available at any DIY store.


Anodized aluminum

Anodizing is the best possible protection against corrosion. Red corrosion is not possible on aluminum. The anodized layer is self-restoring. In case of scratching the layer will close itself.


Umbrella canopies

Umbrosa only offers extremely high-quality umbrella canopies. Years of research and testing have proved that acrylic is the best fabric for the Umbrosa products Next to the Sunbrella range, Umbrosa has, with the help of Dickson, developped its own fabric which meets the same high standard quality demands. This fabric is named ‘Solidum’.


Tips and tricks for maintenance

Umbrosa has put together a maintenance guide which indicates for each material the best way maintenance.


Download maintenance guide

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