Желтый, красный, зеленый или синий?

Даже самый маленький камень в Генте вносит свой вклад в красоту этого места. Изучение города прошло в увлекательной форме. Празднование счастливого часа во время увлекательной, но холодной экскурсии на лодке по средневековому Генту.

Teambuilding 2
Teambuilding Umbrosa

Yellow, red or blue ?

The moment of the year everyone at Umbrosa has been waiting for… the team building event. At the beginning of every year, we get prepared for the busy season to come. “Discover yourself and your team” formed the topic this time. The activity led to the beautiful city of Ghent, which arose at the confluence of the rivers ‘Leie’ and ‘Schelde’. The name of the city derives from the celtic word Ganda, which means confluence. Did you know that this is the place where they let the ‘Ganda ham’ age? We were convinced that this ham originated in Italy…

Workshop – Who am I and how do I position myself in the group?

Thanks to the workshop, organized by Insights, we got to know ourselfves and the other team players better. Who is yellow, red, green or blue? Luckily all colours are present in our group. The goal is now to learn how to use the colours and to understand each other better.

Ghent: on land, sea or in the air?

Even the smallest stone in Ghent contributes to the beauty of the place. The discovery of the city took place in a fun way. The celebration of happy hour during a fascinating but cold boat tour through medieval Ghent. Dinner festivaties in a local bistro and dessert (delicious but way too much) along the canals. A last drink resulted into some crazy dance moves… but you can rest asure, even the real clubbers showed up (fresh and energized) at breakfast.

Ghent on wheels?

The next day we made Ghent unsafe with the Segway! Everyone immediately turned into a fan of the concept. It was a super fun experience.

To end they day we learned fencing. Attack, defence and speed play an important role here. Small competitions were organized, which encourged the winner mentality amoungst us.

Enthusiasm check

Motivation check

Team spirit check

We are ready!

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