TownHouse Hotel Duomo, Милан, Италия

Единственный 7-звездочный отель в Европе...

Для таунхауса Duomo мы сотрудничали с несколькими архитекторами: все комнаты отличаются друг от друга, и все они имеют уникальный вид на Piazza Duomo или историческую via Silvio Pellico.


Elisa dal Bosco - Руководитель отдела по связям с общественностью и СМИ

Spectra umbrella Townhouse MilanLR

Who did you collaborate with for the design of the hotel?

For Townhouse Duomo we collaborated with multiple architects: all rooms are different from each other, and they all have a unique view on Piazza Duomo or the historic via Silvio Pellico. For Duomo21 and the terraces we collaborated with architect Massimo Magaldi.

The design of the umbrella’s was important? 

We adore your umbrella’s, especially the clean and strong design convinced us. These characteristics are perfect for our terraces which have a magnificent view on Piazza Duomo. Both the aesthetics and the fact that the umbrella’s are so strong were decisive factors in our choice.

Where exactly did you install the Spectra umbrella’s?

We installed them on the 2 large terraces of civico 21 di Piazza Duomo, at Duomo21 on the first floor and at the felix Lo basso restaurant on the 5th floor. The last one provides access to TownHouse Duomo.

Were you aware of the fact that the Umbrosa umbrella’s are all produced and designed in Belgium?

Yes, we were very well informed in advance. We are very satisfied with the functioning and the materials used.

What demands do you have for your suppliers?

We steadily choose for well-known or certified suppliers that are already known by our team of architects who are all convinced of the specific brands!

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