Umbrosa вносит свой вклад в "дьявольский" восточный декор

Umbrosa привлекает взгляд, в прямом эфире бельгийского телеканала Sporza. Какой удивительный футбольный праздник празднуется со стилем.

EK Sporza LR
Eclipsum EK Sporza 2016 2 LR

Umbrosa contributes to ‘devilish’ easthetic decor

Umbrosa as eye-catcher, live on the Belgian television channel Sporza. What an amazing football festival celebrated in style. Eleven cosmic Eclipsum umbrellas decorate the studio broadcasting the European Championship games.

Yes, apprearance does matter. Already while designing it, creating shade was not the Eclipsums only goal. The large, elegant ring with its design shade canopy offers a tempting, artistic spectacle and reviving shade during the football heat!

This is where the Eclipsum belongs, on TV next to sport journalists and word famous football stars.

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