Filodivino ǀ Italy

Creative, round umbrellas enhance the perfect harmony

On the domain of Filodivino you can find a beautiful winery completely built with natural materials. It’s located in ‘Le Marche’, a region in the heart of Italy. The winery consists of 2 levels: on the top floor visitors are given a warm welcome. There is also a shop and tasting room. In the wine cellar, the barrels are kept in which the grape nector is preserved and ripens. The architectural decision to let the tasting room float above the wine cellar is a conscious reflection of the ideal journey of wine: without any help or support the wine reaches its final destination – the tasting.


The round UMBROSA Eclipsum umbrellas create a unique harmony with the semi-round, modern building. They not only add shade and ambiance to the wine tasting, the architectural unity also creates a surrounding where people can feel the joys of life.

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