Etna Light: a unique, chargeable and freely movable umbrella light. Based on a waterproof LED module, held in a PE shape. The light is fixed by means of magnets and counter plates. Can be fixed on each umbrella canopy.

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Light on water
Residential, Pittem, Belgium
Residential, Meulebeke, Belgium


Tore Bleuzé

Tore Bleuzé is an industrial designer. Under the name Obi-One he combines freelance work with personal projects. He is active in a variety of sectors resulting in an open vision as a designer. At the request of Umbrosa he gave shape to the Etna, an innovative umbrella lighting system.




What will be the evolution in outdoor design ?

From our point of view, the evolution of outdoor design, would be the integration of lighting and technology in general.


Gauthier Desplanque - Architect