Agent days

One big motivated family! The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany… Europe units.

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One big motivated family!

The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany… Europe units

Umbrosa invited their European agents to Belgium to get prepared for the new season! Brand new collections, marketing tools, presentations, stories, facts, … drew the necessary attention and lifted the enthusiasm level even higher up. A visit to our assembly and confection plant resulted in a real ‘wow-effect’. We learned that a lot of manual labor is required to assemble the products and to make the canopies. It was also most interesting to see that the products get thoroughly tested before being packed away in boxes. We really don’t leave any space for mistakes. Moreover, all products are made in Belgium! Who can still say this?


In the evening we headed to the city of Bruges, the Venice of the North, thanking its name to the numerous canals and bridges. A brilliant guide steered us through the medieval city by night and showed us the most precious historical spots while telling us the most compelling stories. Even rain could not spoil the fun.

The consequent day all products were demonstrated and tried out. No question remained unanswered. What an instructive day for all of us.  


Who fancies a pint of beer? Or more specifically, a ‘Brugse Zot’?

Belgium is not only famous for its outdoor design… but also for its chocolate, diamonds and… of course not to forget: its beer! Therefore we could not miss out on a visit to the brewery ‘de halve maan’, which means ‘the half moon’ translated from Dutch. This brewery transformed the centuries-old tradition of brewing beer into a unique museum. The agents tasted one, two, three ‘Brugse Zot’… and approved.


The perfect ending to the agent days!





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