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The outdoor experience of your dreams

Nauta is cosiness, comfort and shade as eye-catcher in the garden or on the terrace. With Nauta Umbrosa gives the cabanaconcept a new, refreshing Umbrosa interpretation: shade + functionality. At the bottom of the furniture, benches and a table or a high bar can be created. On top the piece of furniture, there is a room to chill in the sun on a sofa with panoramic views. Nauta is the outdoor room for demanding shade-seekers.

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Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants earned international fame as a trendsetter in outdoor living. More than anyone else, he drew his inspiration from an engaged and creative vision of design. He has not only attention for the material requirements, but he also explores the different ways of answering some of the important themes circulating in society. For him, contemporary design is more than a matter of trendy or attractive objects. Design is about innovative solutions that contribute to making a better world.



Solidum — 100% Acryl 250g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash





Sunbrella — 100% Acryl 260g/m² ǀ Color Rating 7/8 ǀ Water repellent ǀ 30° Wash




Blue Storm








Nauta Cabanaconcept

Chilling in your own garden?

The Nauta outdoor room of Umbrosa is unique in its nature. Cosiness, comfort and shade as eye-catcher in the garden or on the terrace. With NAUTA Umbrosa gives the cabana concept a new, refreshing interpretation: shade and functionality go hand in hand.


With the Nauta, you can  create your own dining seats with table or a high bar where you can enjoy drinks and bites with friends nicely protected from the sun. On top of the Nauta there is room for chilling in the sun on a couch with panoramic views. NAUTA is the outdoor room for demanding shadow seekers.


The outdoor room has a shade area of 2.8 x 2.8 m. Cushions are provided for both the lounge sofas and the top of the lounger. You can order these in the different Sunbrella fabrics and colours. Check our technical data sheet for the conditions and technical data.


For more garden fun, the Nauta outdoor room certainly qualifies! You determine your own setting! Between the trees, in the grass or on a terrace, with this cabana you choose your own the view.


The Nauta outdoor room or cabana was designed by the renowned designer Dirk Wynants and is fully produced in Belgium.


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