Shade reinvented with a high chill factor

5 october 2017

Nauta is cosiness, comfort and shade as eye-catcher in the garden or on the terrace. With Nauta Umbrosa gives the cabanaconcept a new, refreshing Umbrosa interpretation: shade + functionality. At the bottom of the furniture, benches and a table or a high bar can be created. On top the piece of furniture, there is a room to chill in the sun on a sofa with panoramic views. Nauta is the outdoor room for demanding shade-seekers.

Nauta bar HR.jpg
Nauta bed 2 HR.jpg

Chill out!

You can set up the lower part to your liking with benches and a table, or a tall bar for drinks with friends, nicely sheltered in the cool shade.The top part provides room to chill out in the sun on a lounger, with a panoramic view. NAUTA is an outdoor room for the demanding shade seeker.

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