Salone del Mobile 2017 Featuring “Umbrosa Beach Club”

5 october 2017

The 56th edition of Salone del Mobile has closed its  doors. The show was, what did you expect, an incredible success. We experienced an amazing and inspiring Milan Design Week.

Milaan 21.jpg
Milaan 28.jpg

The line between in & outdoor is becoming thinner year after year… our outdoor Livingroom “Nauta” beautifully reinforces this trend.  This out of the box outdoor multifunctional is the archetype of the outdoor room.  Having a Mojito at the Umbrosa Beach club on top of the Nauta, was the Ultimate Design Week experience…. To be honest our Mojitos where amazing wherever you drank them.


The new generation Infina was astonishing. Numerous improvements have made the umbrella stronger, more modern and easier to manipulate. The canopy is almost completely flat when opened to create a mimimalistic look. The central pole is now thicker which makes the Infina stronger and more wind resistant.

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